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Going out of business. THANK YOU for 12 years! Pro-life t-shirts just $5.99 each! Long sleeve 9.99, Buttons 49 cents

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Good Resources

Anglicans for Life
The only Anglican/Episcopal organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia, protecting embryos from research abuse, and promoting abstinence and adoption. AFLís 8-week PROJECT LIFE Adult Education Series is the only comprehensive curriculum addressing all life issues.

Baptists for Life
Baptists for Life helps the Body of Christ articulate the biblical pro-life message in word and deed.

Alaska Right to Life
Official site of Alaska Right to Life

Maryland Right to Life
Maryland Right to Life works to protect all innocent human life and to build a culture of life in Maryland where abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and the destruction of human embryos are socially, ethically, and legally unacceptable.

Laces for Life
Pro-life shoelaces and magnets. Each month, a different non-profit organization benefits from proceeds.

Custom Bumper Stickers
Bumper stickers can be custom designed with a great message.

Internet Bumper Stickers Cheap
Transform every car into a moving bill board with internet bumper stickers.
Catholic t-shirts, clothing, sweatshirts, long sleeves, Catholic stickers, Catholic Saints, and more. Shop where all good Catholics go for Catholic gifts.

Soul Harvest Christian T-shirts
Soul harvest has a very original line of Christian t-shirts and christian clothing. Merchandise is high quality, and prices are great!

Finding God's Will
Finding God's will begins with obeying the Bible and the Ten Commandments, and there are other principles as well.

The Septuagint Bible
The Septuagint is one of the oldest translations of the Bible in Greek. Jesus quoted from the Septuagint.

Scripture verses Bible and Alcohol
What does the Bible scripture verses say about alcohol abuse?

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Bible
The book of Proverbs outlines the seven deadly sins of the Bible.

The Christian Ten Commandments
As Christians we should obey the Ten Commandments, and especially, Thou shalt not murder.

The Cheap Tote Bags
Every body needs a cheap tote bag.

Discount cheap T-shirts printing
For volume printing, church t-shirts and more.

Custom Printed T-shirts Printing
Every group needs custom t-shirts printing for their church or business.

The Cheap Campaign Buttons
The Cheaper Campaign Buttons advertise the message.

The cheap political buttons
Cheap political buttons are great advertising.

The Honor Students Bumper Stickers

The Oval Bumper Stickers
Oval Bumper Stickers send a positive message.

Bumper Stickers Printing
The printing of bumper stickers can be affordable.

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